A Focus on Small Businesses 

At Candy Float, we are passionate about supporting small businesses. We believe in growing the local economy and having a positive contribution to the community. We appreciate the authenticity and personality that small businesses are composed of and we would love to show your audience why. 

Customized Marketing Strategies

Contact with your target audience should always leave a positive impression. That is why, at Candy Float, we are constantly striving for new ways your business can stand out. With a passion for research and a hunger for data, we are able to personalize marketing strategies that bring out the best of your brand and present it to your target audience. 

Helping Your Business Run Effectively and Smoothly 

Stepping behind the scenes, we want to make certain that your business runs smoothly and effectively without any difficulties on a day-to-day basis. Whether that be website and social media maintenance, or event preparation and promotion, we will ensure that your brand is well represented and that everything in between operates efficiently. 

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