Website Creation

Your brand’s online media presence begins with a website. At Candyfloat Marketing, we excel at creating dynamic and engaging user experiences that showcase your brand’s personality. From day-to-day maintenance to key analytics, we will ensure your online site runs smoothly and effectively.

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Special Events

From planning to promotion to execution, we will support your business through every step of the process, making certain that your events operate without any difficulties.

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Email Marketing

When it comes to targeting the ever growing population of mobile users, email marketing cannot be ignored. We will take care of the design process, provide analytics and help your brand gain awareness with your target audience and core consumers.

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Social Media Campaigns

With the marketing industry placing heavy emphasis on the digital space, it is essential for your business to have a strong social media presence. We specialize in delivering fully integrated social media campaigns that attract customers by highlighting the strengths of your business.

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Content Writing&Graphic Design

It is important that your online content is straightforward and enticing. Strong copywriting will help enhance the overall feel and professionalism of your brand, ensuring that your customers are interested and that your story is told.

In addition, through our talented design team, we will beautifully express your brand and create engaging pieces that cut through the online clutter.

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